Selftraits 3D Scanning at The Air Canada Centre

We’re here today at the Air Canada Centre for a Toronto Raptors game.
GoDaddy has partnered with Jonas Valanciunas and the MLSE Foundation are running a program called itty bitty ballers where you can buy small figurine of your own Selftraits to support charity. There’s a ton of buzz, and a ton of action. We’ve been scanning hundreds of people, they’re doing all kinds of crazy poses, they’re moving they’re jumping, people are having a lot of fun inside this booth.
Today is the Canadian debut of our Cobra 3d scanning system where we use 128 cameras to do our 3d capture. The Cobra scanning systems is in fact a complete turnkey solution there’s a registration station, queue management, scanning and then a preview of what’s been scanned. The Cobra is the fourth generation of our 3d scanning system and we are so proud of this amazing piece of equipment that we’ve developed.  It’s
really incredible to be here at the Air Canada Centre, we’re looking forward to raising thousands of dollars of the MLSE foundation