The Marrieds – Lying Next To Me

We’ve had Selftraits model featured in many video over the years.

But this one by The Marrieds is certainly on of our favourite. Love!

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The Holidays Are in Full Swing at Selftraits!

Let Selftraits up your gifting game this holiday season!

Swing in the New Year with an Ornament!

The Holiday favorite of 2016 is back and in full swing! For the second year in a row, Ornaments will be making their long-awaited return to the Selftraits product line. Whether you choose to pose with our giant candy cane, a wreath, or nothing at all, your Ornament is guaranteed to stand out amongst the Holiday decorations!

Pricing starts at $80 per Ornament, or $40 when purchasing a Selftrait.


Toy Soldiers!

Our newest product line is here and ready for action! For the first time ever, Selftraits is pivoting from the standard gypsum-powder material, and printing these mini-figs in full plastic! Scaled to 2″ and spray painted army green, live out your childhood dreams by transforming yourself into a Toy Soldier!

Pricing starts at $80 for a pack of 3 of the same pose, or $40 each for varying poses.

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign!

While standard Selftraits make for a great gift on their own, why not add an even greater level of detail? Now introducing custom signs, at no extra charge! Whether it is a company award or personal message, give your Selftrait a voice with our custom signs!

How does this work?

All you have to do is hold an empty frame (which we provide!) in our 3D photo booth. Once the scan has been sent to our 3D designer, we digitally fill the empty frame with the design and/or message you would like to include- it’s that easy!

Pricing for Selftraits begin at $120 per person and increase by $60 for each additional inch.

Click here for more info on our special holiday pricing

It’s a Match Made in Miniature Heaven!

Selftraits 3D Scanning at The Air Canada Centre

We’re here today at the Air Canada Centre for a Toronto Raptors game.
GoDaddy has partnered with Jonas Valanciunas and the MLSE Foundation are running a program called itty bitty ballers where you can buy small figurine of your own Selftraits to support charity. There’s a ton of buzz, and a ton of action. We’ve been scanning hundreds of people, they’re doing all kinds of crazy poses, they’re moving they’re jumping, people are having a lot of fun inside this booth.
Today is the Canadian debut of our Cobra 3d scanning system where we use 128 cameras to do our 3d capture. The Cobra scanning systems is in fact a complete turnkey solution there’s a registration station, queue management, scanning and then a preview of what’s been scanned. The Cobra is the fourth generation of our 3d scanning system and we are so proud of this amazing piece of equipment that we’ve developed.  It’s
really incredible to be here at the Air Canada Centre, we’re looking forward to raising thousands of dollars of the MLSE foundation

CNE 2016 | Selftraits Mobile Event

Ideacity 2016 | Selftraits Mobile Event

Happy Canada Day!

3D Model of Sickick

Checkout these amazing models of Sickick and Rayn Magic of Much Creator and the level of detail captured during their session.