Selftraits 101: 6 Tips to Make your Selftrait Awesome!

Bring a prop!

Prop charges range from 5-15% extra depending on the size, so for a few couple bucks, why not take your Selftrait to the next level? Choose to pose with your golf club, hockey stick or even your favourite Sunday paper!

Wear colours, design patterns and/or logos that pop!

Our full colour 3D printers ensure your favourite shirt, hockey jersey or dress will print in full colour, exactly as it is in real life!

Bring your pet!

With our instant capture booth, scanning pets are a breeze! If you choose to pose with your pet, we charge 10 to 15% extra depending on his/her size. If you would like to just get a model done of your pet, they are priced and sized the same as human figures. See our price list for more info

Give us your biggest smile!

The beauty of instant-capture scanning is our ability to capture both motion and emotion. Give us your best ‘blue steel’; we will capture it perfectly in 1/200th of a second!

Why stand when you can sit?

Sitting poses always make for unique models. Not only do they photograph really well, but they also fit into any surrounding environment.

Ask about post-production edits.

Want to be turned into the terminator? Or how about swap faces with your dog? For an extra $75 we can turn you into almost anything you desire! Ask our customer service reps for more info when booking.