How to get the most out of Valentine’s Day 2017!

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, couple’s everywhere are beginning to look for different ways to make this day as fun and romantic as possible. Most couple’s normally opt for the romantic dinner, couple’s massage or gifting flowers and chocolates. However,  if you are and your partner are looking to really change things up in 2017, look no further! Getting a Selftrait, whether done as a couple, as a surprise, or even in the form of a gift card, makes for a fun, creative and romantic activity that will last forever! 

So, let’s get those creative juices flowing with some ideas that will inspire your Valentine’s Selftrait!

Cake toppers

While getting a cake topper done is not exclusive to Valentine’s day, last year we saw a great deal of couples come through our doors in order to take advantage of our Valentine’s Promo. This year, our Valentine’s Promo has returned and you can get up to 30% off on select model sizes!


Wear what represents you best!

We always encourage our customers to get creative with not only their pose, but what they wear on the day of the shoot. Whether it’s jerseys, formal attire or colourful clothing, we stress that to our customers wear what represents them best!


Leave the humans out of it!

What better way to surprise that special someone than with a Selftrait of your pet! With our instant capture booth, scanning your best friend is a breeze and have made for some of our favourite prints!


Have fun with you pose!

No one likes a stern, cross armed Selftrait and with our instant capture booth, any movement or pose can be easily captured! So hop on her back or into his arms, and smile!

6 5

Go solo

One of our favourite Selftraits ever was a man who took his girlfriend’s robe and surprised with this (below) on the big day! But of course, one does not need to borrow any clothing from their significant other to create a great, loving Selftrait.

3 2

Whether you choose to get that wedding errand out of the way, or are looking to really surprise (and maybe shock) your loved one this Valentine’s, there are a number of different routes to take. If you are considering getting a Selftrait done, we always recommend taking a quick look through our instagram page for even more inspiration and booking before our sessions fill up! Until then, have a happy Valentine’s Day and we hope to see you in the booth and in 3D!.