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2020 3D Selfie Holiday Gift Guide

2020 – 3D Selfie Holiday Gift Guide The Holiday season is fast approaching and we are excited to share some new products and gift ideas with you. With the current state of our world, we all know ’tis the season’ might just be a little different this year. That said we want to do our […]

Honey, we’ve shrunk the team!

Source: https://www.little-canada.ca/article/shrunktheteam “Our partnership with Selftraits has been such a great experience that we thought it would be fun to create 3D mini-me’s of the team that is building Our Home & Miniature Land. And we also thought this would be a fitting tribute to this dedicated and talented group of miniature Canada builders. We […]

Be a part of something small

Source: https://www.little-canada.ca/article/beapartofsomethingsmall This month we were happy to host our friend at Our Home & Miniature Land (Little Canada) and our honourable Members of Parliament, Arif Virani, MP for Parkdale-High Park, and Pam Damoff, MP for Oakville-Burlington North, at our freshly festive Pop-Up store on Queen Street West.  We took the opportunity to scan Arif and […]

Hosting Little Canada – Investor Drop-In Info Night

Source:https://www.little-canada.ca/article/dropin On November 2nd, OHML held their first Investor Drop-In.  Our guests took part in a presentation of our investor pitch, a screening of our new concept video and got a chance to speak one-on-one with Jean-Louis, Dave and John. The night provided insight into where we are with our Canada build and provided more […]

A tiny but mighty offer – get yourself 3D scanned, printed and placed in our miniature Canada

Source: https://www.little-canada.ca/article/selftraits This Canadian Thanksgiving, we’re grateful to partner with Selftraits, a Canadian pioneer in the scanning and 3D printing of regular sized people, to create our Pop-Up Miniature Canada.  To celebrate, we’re making you a miniature offer you can’t refuse.   Invest in Our Home & Miniature land and we’ll scan you, 3D print you […]

A Mini-Canada PopUp store comes to Queen Street West

Source: https://www.little-canada.ca/article/popup Our Home & Miniature Land (Little Canada) excited to bring a taste of the vast, tiny world that we’re creating to a PopUp store at Queen Street & Spadina in downtown Toronto.  Starting Tuesday, October  3, we’re partnering with Selftraits, makers of 3D printed selfies of you and to create mini pop-ups of […]

Selftraits 3D Scanning at The Air Canada Centre

We’re here today at the Air Canada Centre for a Toronto Raptors game. GoDaddy has partnered with Jonas Valanciunas and the MLSE Foundation are running a program called itty bitty ballers where you can buy small figurine of your own Selftraits to support charity. There’s a ton of buzz, and a ton of action. We’ve […]