Ideacity 2016

June 15th-17th

For 17 years, Moses Znaimer’s Ideacity has hosted some of the world’s brightest minds. From Ground breaking scientists, to visionary entrepreneurs, this three-day conference has rightly earned the reputation of Canada’s “Premier meeting of the minds.”

At this year’s Conference, Moses Znaimer invited Selftraits to not only exhibit our product line, but also to scan the attendees on site! Over the course of three days, the Selftraits Mobile Booth scanned more than 400 Ideacity guests. From sign up, to pose selection, everyone was amazed by the technology and convenience of getting instantly 3d scanned.

Ideacity was an amazing experience all around, and we hope to be a permanent fixture at this conference every year moving forward!

Check out this video of the Selftrait mobile booth in action at Ideacity!

Not only was Selftraits an exhibitor, but our President and Founder Steve Cory was asked to do a 7-minute presentation on 3D printing. For his presentation, Steve decided to focus less on the technical side and more on the ‘awesome’ side of 3d printing,

From 3D printed ukuleles, to a life-size bust of Moses Znaimer, Steve’s presentation was engaging, insightful and very funny!

Check it out!