CNE 2016 | Selftraits Mobile Events

August 19th-21st

For over 100 years, the Canadian National Exhibition ( CNE ) has been a summertime tradition in Toronto. From August 19 until September 5th, millions of people congregate to the Exhibition Grounds to indulge in out-of-this-world concoctions, ride the rollercoasters, shop in the international pavilion and much more.

This year, the CNE introduced The Innovation Garage; a three day event aimed at spotlighting some of the most innovative concepts and tech from around the world. From established tech giants, to Toronto-based start ups, each company perfectly demonstrated how they were innovating their own respective industry. With this in mind, we saw this event as the perfect opportunity to unveil our 20 x 20 mobile booth, and showcase how Selftraits and Objex Unlimited is innovating the 3D printing and scanning industry.

In order to provide the greatest amount of people with the ultimate 3D scanning experience, we gave every attendee the option get scanned for free! After an attendee registered for a scan on the Ipad, they entered the scanning booth, and completed anywhere from 2 to 4 poses. Once they exited the booth, they were instantly emailed all of their poses in a 360 .GIF format (like the ones below). From there, attendees had the choice to share their model on social media, or purchase the physical print at a special CNE discounted rate!

In the end, the Selftraits mobile booth scanned thousands of attendees, and took over 700,000 images! None of this would have been possible without the tireless effort of the Selftraits staff, as well as the support and accommodation from the CNE.

We will see you again at Innovation Garage 2017!