Employee Portraits Like Never Before.

Redefining Team Building Exercises

Whether it’s employee of the month prizes, sales awards, or portraits of the entire office/team, Selftraits provides fast, easy and fun solutions for companies looking to take team building exercises to the 3rd dimension. With our advanced instant capture technology, we can scan hundreds of employees in a couple of hours. Once scanning is completed, we digitally enhance each scan and then send them off the be 3D printed in full colour.

Get Creative!

We encourage our clients to get creative with their Selftraits, and create figurines that will not only reflect each individual employee, but in the end, reflect your company/team as a whole. Whether your colleagues express themselves through their outfits, poses, or props, we work closely with your team to ensure that they not only have fun with their Selftraits, but that the end-product exceeds all expectations.

Some of Recent Projects:

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